Which States Have Declared Pornography a Public Health Crisis?

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Thanks to the ubiquitousness of the internet, pornography can easily slide its way into any household. Sex researcher Alvin Cooper, PhD, referred to this as the “triple-A engine” effect: the accessibility, affordability, and anonymity that the internet provides makes it easier than ever to discover erotic material.

Why It’s Problematic

Excessive pornography use can cause problems in many aspects of life, not the least of which is romantic relationships. In 2012, a study conducted at the University of Tennessee surveyed female college students and learned that lower sexual satisfaction, decreased relationship quality, and lower self-esteem […]

50 Shades of Grey: How Porn Addiction Can Affect Both Men & Women

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Pornography addiction has often been labeled a “man’s problem,” with a lot of blame being placed on the media and entertainment industry for producing hyper-sexualized movies, magazine covers, and of course the pornography industry which creates skewed perceptions of intimacy and body image.

While men certainly do suffer from and are susceptible to pornography addictions influenced by the entertainment industry, women are not excluded from its influence. Porn addiction can harm both men and women indiscriminately, although often in different ways.

The 2016 release of 50 Shades of Grey and the upcoming release of its […]

How to Disclose a Slip Up to Your Partner During Recovery

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“We are products of our past, but we don’t have to be prisoners of it.” – Rick Warren

First you need to know what a slip is. The most successful recovering addicts are those who, in the very beginning of their recovery process, establish their bottom lines. Your bottom line is what defines sobriety for you. In other words, you must draw the line on the behaviors that you will no longer participate in, and thus, all recovering addicts do not share a common bottom line. To help stay in recovery and maintain accountability […]

Important Tools To Heal In Your Porn Addiction Recovery

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Breaking porn addiction is not an easy process. Various emotions come up and old habits are hard to let go of. No matter how hard it may seem, it is possible to overcome and heal from your addiction.

As with stopping any addiction, you’ll need to take time and establish new habits. People can get pulled deeper into their addictions due to boredom, anger, loneliness, depression,and other various emotions. The key is to find other ways to deal with your triggers, and develop new routines, or habits, to support you in your healing.

“Rock […]

6 Important Steps to Breaking Your Addiction

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Have you ever wondered what causes people to struggle with addiction when others seem less affected? We can’t always know who will be more affected by those addictive substances (drugs, alcohol, porn, etc.), but what we do know is that recovery is possible. Though for many who struggle with addiction, the path of recovery is a lifelong choice each day to abstain from the substance.

Because of that, when it comes to overcoming your porn addiction, having the tools and resources around you is important to your success. If you’re ready to break […]

Is Pornography Addiction Affecting Your Relationship?

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Challenges can arise in a marriage and to discover a spouse’s pornography and sexual addiction can have a devastating effect on a relationship. According to Covenant Eyes, 56% of divorce cases involved one party having an obsessive interest in pornographic websites.

If you suspect your spouse is addicted to pornography, how do you ask the difficult questions? Recognize the warning signs? There is no simple answer. However, we’ve created a quiz to help ask the difficult questions when looking at the potential problem areas in a relationship.

When taking the quiz, please remember this should NOT be taken as a sign of proof that your […]

What Your Brain Looks Like on Pornography

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Less than 3 years ago the Surgical Neurology International Journal published the article, “Pornography Addiction: A Neuroscience Perspective.” Take a look at some of the main points of the article in our summary below.

The Nature of Addiction

Addictions don’t only create chemical changes in the brain; they also create anatomical and pathological changes in the brain. Come again? That’s right, addictions physically change the brain. Simply put, the frontal area of the brain (where the “braking system” is located) becomes damaged.

Typically, hypofrontal syndromes are seen as a result of […]

Pornography Addiction Treatment: The Strength in Recognizing your Addiction

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Happy Young man on sunset background

Why can it be difficult for people with a pornography addiction to recognize that they do, in fact, have an addiction?

With a substance addiction like alcoholism, it is pretty easy to assess when an addiction has set in. The physical evidence alone (number of bottles consumed, liquor store bills, etc.) can be tell-tale signs that alcoholism has developed.

However, pornography addiction is a behavioral rather than substance addiction. It is harder to “measure” so to speak, especially because many people feel that using pornography on occasion is normal […]

9 Tell-Tale Signs it’s Time to Seek Pornography Addiction Treatment

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It can be hard to know when you have a pornography addiction, and even more difficult to admit you have one. As with any compulsive behavior, it creeps up on you slowly. At first, it starts out as a mere guilty pleasure, a few moments of indulgence.

You don’t even notice the addiction setting in.

Even now, you may not even realize the stronghold pornography already has on you. It’s easier to deny or justify your problem rather than face it. No one likes to think they are no longer in control of their […]

Your Brain on Porn: The 6 Part Video Series Everyone Should See

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Your Brain on Porn is a 6-part video series about all of the effects that porn can have on a person’s brain. Each piece has a running time no longer than 15 minutes, making the service even more convenient for the internet viewing audience. This series is thorough as anything you could possibly want on the topic.

So many people have no idea what their pornography viewing habits are doing to their minds. After viewing this series, that issue will become a thing of the past. A lot of the viewers who have […]