Faith Based Referrals

Clergy leaders can feel confident referring congregation members to the LifeSTAR IOP knowing that we have designed our program in alignment with Christian-based principles. Far from being a replacement for spiritual counseling, this program serves as an opportunity to enhance the benefits of religious guidance and provides participants with much-needed support from staff members experienced in treating sex/pornography addiction. Through the LifeSTAR Intensive Outpatient Program, participants strengthen their commitment to recovery and renew their connection with God.

Therapists Referrals

The LifeSTAR Intensive Outpatient Program is an excellent referral option for therapists seeking to provide their clients with a more immersive experience that will enhance the treatment they receive in therapy. The IOP in no way replaces the need for individual or group therapy but instead serves as a means of accelerating treatment. We work with our clients’ therapists before, during, and after the IOP in order to ensure that program participants receive the greatest benefit possible, and we also provide structured spouse support during the recovery process.

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