Sex Addiction Treatment, Recovery, & Counseling

Overcoming an addiction and healing from the pain it causes isn’t something that happens overnight, and it’s not something that can be done alone. It’s a long, difficult battle that requires the support of others. Whether you’re struggling with a sexual addiction or have been hurt by someone who is, the journey will be much smoother if you know where to go for help.

Here at LifeStar Therapy, we offer effective treatment to help those who fight these battles to make real progress towards true recovery. We equip individuals with the tools they need to succeed, wherever they are on the road to recovery. Even after the completion of our sex addiction treatment program, we stay connected with our patients and their therapists to ensure they have everything they need to achieve the life of freedom they deserve.

Sex Addiction Treatment

It all begins with our intensive outpatient sex and pornography addiction treatment program. Patients spend time at our beautiful lodge, nestled in the heart of the Wasatch Mountains, where we employ an approach to learning which engages the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual centers of a person’s life. Activities include lectures from experts in the field, group and individual therapy sessions, and workbook activities. Patients also spend time outside, participating in equine therapy and other experiential interventions.

The goal of the six-day program is to provide those who struggle with addiction with the strategies and tools necessary to build and implement a personalized recovery plan. At the lodge, they’ll have the opportunity to associate with others fighting the same battles, as well as qualified and experienced professionals and individuals who have established lives of long-term recovery and healing. And they’ll have time each day for personal reflection and planning recovery, and for attending 12-step recovery meetings.

After completion of the program, we keep in contact with graduates, their spouses, and their therapists. For those who want to further their recovery, we provide follow-up in the months after, and offer a three-day workshop for IOP graduates that expands on principles learned in the IOP, and inspires patients to become the kind of people God intends for them to be.

We also believe strongly in supporting the spouse and helping them heal personally, and in their relationship. For the spouses of those who struggle, we have a special three-day weekend retreat, designed to help partners begin to cope with the pain and confusion that comes with learning of their spouse’s infidelity and betrayal. Like the six-day IOP, we equip spouses with the tools needed to begin rebuilding self-worth and teach them how to overcome negative emotions.

Sex Addiction Recovery

Recovery from a sexual addiction is more than mere sobriety, and the addict isn’t the only one who needs to recover. Both those struggling with the addiction and those close to them need to heal, recover, and reconnect. The journey may seem hopeless at first, but true healing for the addict, and for those who love them, is possible.

For addicts, recovery happens in four stages:

  1. Stop the addiction
  2. Develop a network of support
  3. Build self-worth
  4. Trauma work

For partners, there is a similar pattern of healing:

  1. Get educated
  2. Develop a network of support
  3. Build self-worth
  4. Healing wounds past and present

Critical to both journeys is the fourth step, where deep-seated issues and difficulties are dealt with. This is why therapy and counseling is so important, as qualified professionals can help both the addict and the spouse to understand their underlying problems, and learn how to overcome them.

Sex Addiction Counseling

Sex addiction counseling for the addict, along with counseling for the spouse, are crucial to both the individual recovery and to help in the healing process of the relationship. That’s why aftercare for both the addict and the spouse begins before the program even starts. We establish contact with the patient’s therapist before the program starts, and keep them updated throughout the IOP. After completion of the program, we stay in contact with the therapist to help establish and execute an ongoing treatment plan.

In the event a therapist hasn’t been chosen, we help begin the process of finding and choosing one who meets their needs, so they can continue to receive the counseling which is critical to establishing and maintaining successful recovery.

If you’re ready to begin the journey back towards healing and freedom from your pain, contact LifeStar today.

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