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Why can it be difficult for people with a pornography addiction to recognize that they do, in fact, have an addiction?

With a substance addiction like alcoholism, it is pretty easy to assess when an addiction has set in. The physical evidence alone (number of bottles consumed, liquor store bills, etc.) can be tell-tale signs that alcoholism has developed.

However, pornography addiction is a behavioral rather than substance addiction. It is harder to “measure” so to speak, especially because many people feel that using pornography on occasion is normal behavior. After all, arousal and sex are part of human nature, making it especially difficult for the user to recognize when participation in pornography has become a compulsion.

After all, none of us likes to think that we can’t control our behavior.

Besides, maybe you feel you can justify your pornography usage. Perhaps you’re not in a relationship, or you’re having relationship difficulties. You may be experiencing arousal or erectile problems and it is easier to achieve satisfaction with pornography.

The thing is, when you find you are making excuses for why you use pornography, you have already become dependent on it. Other signs of addiction include (but are not limited to):

  • Using pornography even when you don’t want to.
  • Spending excessive time and money on pornography.
  • Avoiding social and professional obligations to use pornography.
  • Making promises to yourself that you will reduce your pornography usage.

LifeStar Pornography Addiction Treatment

Many people can benefit from pornography addiction treatment, even when they don’t feel they need it. This is because pornography addiction treatment can help you understand the nature of pornography addiction, and how subtle it can be.

Pornography addiction treatment is not something to be ashamed of. Many people battle with behavioral addictions without realizing they have a problem. Having the courage to identify your addiction and subsequently receive pornography addiction treatment is something that takes humility and courage. It does not point to your weaknesses, but is evidence of your strength of character as a person.

LifeStar Therapy can help you understand, come to terms with, and eradicate your pornography addiction. What’s more, our intensive outpatient program means that you can receive help discreetly and without having to disrupt other aspects of your life. Contact us to learn more about the success and happiness you can experience when you receive pornography addiction treatment.