Recovery From Pornography and Sexual Addiction IS Possible

If you are struggling with a pornography or sexual addiction we can help! We have helped many people just like you take their life back from the grips of addiction.

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Take Your Life Back

Enjoy freedom from addictive behaviors and experience the joy and peace that you have been searching for.

Our Intensive Outpatient Program makes confronting your sexual addictions possible while maintaining your personal responsibilities.

We offer an intensive six-day outpatient experience in a safe, nonjudgmental environment. This unique IOP is designed to help individuals struggling with pornography addiction and unwanted sexual compulsive behaviors.


Support for the Spouse

We strongly believe that support for the spouse is critical to healing the marriage relationship.

The Spouses’ Program is a 3-day workshop designed to help the partner of a sex addict begin to cope with the hurt and confusion known only to those living through infidelity and betrayal.

Provided in a safe, compassionate environment, this workshop will help you learn about the impact your partner’s addiction has had on you and begin your healing process.


Christian Based Principles

Our program works for people of all Christian faiths, even those who have felt disconnected from God.

We provide a comprehensive approach to eliminating destructive behaviors by integrating healthy lifestyle changes and a strong connection with God.

Developed over many years, our program has found success in Christian-based principles, which allow participants to gain hope that a power greater than themselves is involved in their healing process.


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