We ran our first outpatient program a few weeks ago and it was very well received. The program goes for 6 days straight.

The participants may leave a little exhausted, but completely committed to a new set of goals and the tools to get there. We see the outpatient program not as the end road, but the beginning to a successful pattern of treatment for those that are stuck, in crisis, or just need a quick jumpstart in their busy schedules to combat a porn or sexual addiction.

We saw a lot of courageous men in the program working hard to heal their hearts and get on with their lives. In the end that’s our goal: to provide a service that involves treatment to help people recover, by moving them in the right direction so they can begin the process of healing in their lives.

We all can learn from the virtuous and beautiful things around us if we keep our hearts and minds open to them. An example of that we saw during the outpatient program as we took a field trip to Courage Reins Therapeutic Horse Center. It’s awesome to see what we can learn from one of God’s most amazing creatures. If you’re curious about what equine therapy is all about check out the short video of our experience.