Who Are We?

For more than 20 years LifeStar has offered intensive outpatient program for pornography and sexual addiction. We have helped hundreds of people escape from the bonds of their addiction with our proven sexual addiction treatment program

We are located in Salt Lake City, Utah, but we also work with non-residents all over the United States and Canada.

 About our Sexual Addiction Treatment Program

LifeStar’s intensive outpatient program was developed by highly trained and licensed therapists Todd Olson (LCSW, CSAT) and Dan Gray (LCSW, CSAT). The sexual addiction treatment program consists of 3 phases. Each phase is designed to uncover and rectify the patterns that create and sustain addictive behaviors.

Program Structure 

The LifeStar sexual addiction treatment program is a proven, six-day outpatient experience that offers many of the same benefits of a longer program, as well as some additional perks. For example, the program can be attended without requiring you to leave your loved ones or workplace for an extended period of time.

The program provides a comprehensive approach to eliminating addictive and compulsive sexual behaviors and is complementary to ongoing treatment with your therapist. Research has shown that in order to make a long-term behavioral change, “new pathway structuring” needs to occur in your brain. This is essentially what LifeStar’s sexual addiction treatment program will help you do.

During the program you will participate in individual and group therapy sessions. We will provide you with workbooks and lectures from experts in the field of sexual addiction. You will acquire strategies and tools to implement in your customized recovery plan and will learn from and interact with others who have established lives of long-term recovery and healing.

Before Treatment

To help you prepare for their sexual addiction treatment with LifeStar, we provide a pre-admission packet for you to complete.


Interestingly, aftercare starts before the program even begins. LifeStar is in contact with your therapist before, during, and after our six-day program. We also help your therapist set up an ongoing treatment plan.

If you don’t have a therapist, we will help you find one.

To learn about upcoming sessions, see: https://lifestartherapy.com/upcoming-dates/

Support for the Partner

LifeStar believes it is critical that you, as the partner of a sex addict, receive support for the trauma you have experienced in dealing with your partner’s addiction.

LifeStar offers a 3-day workshop in order to help you cope with the impact your partner’s sexual addiction has had on you and to assist you in beginning the healing process.

For more information on support for partners, please visit: https://lifestartherapy.com/support-your-spouse/

Contact LifeStar

If you have any inquiries about LifeStar’s sexual addiction treatment program, please contact us. We welcome the opportunity to tell you more about how you can be free from your addiction through a program that is both intensive and convenient.

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