Renew Your Connection With God

We provide a comprehensive approach to eliminating destructive behaviors by integrating healthy lifestyle changes and a strong connection with God. Through this process men learn to heal their hearts and become the men they were meant to be.

Participants learn that God still loves them; they need to find their way back to knowing God, and feeling the direction given to them through that relationship. Many clients are at a point where it’s difficult for them to give God room to even speak in their lives. Nothing is more powerful than God speaking to a man’s heart. Learning to pray and listen is a key part of recovery.

Participants will learn how they fit into their view Christianity, and that our lives are a piece of a much larger picture. We are children of a God who understands and knows each of us better than we know ourselves. If we allow ourselves to be “fathered by God”, we will understand more of his plan for us as individuals and embrace our future.

Clergy leaders can feel confident referring congregation members to the LifeStar IOP knowing that we have designed our program in alignment with Christian-based principles. Far from being a replacement for spiritual counseling, this program serves as an opportunity to enhance the benefits of religious guidance and provides participants with much needed support from staff members experienced in treating sex/pornography addiction. Through the LifeStar Intensive Outpatient Program, participants strengthen their commitment to recovery and renew their connection with God.

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