The Psychology of Addiction

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The United States today is facing a massive epidemic, that often only presents itself behind closed doors. The epidemic of addiction to substances and behaviors affects millions of people around the country, and unfortunately, it is growing worse.

One of the best things we can do as Americans to combat this epidemic of addiction is to educate ourselves about addiction psychology. By learning more about addiction psychology, we can find tools to combat addiction and find better ways to support those who suffer.

What Are People Addicted To?

When many people think of addiction, they […]

Reaching Higher in Recovery: A Therapist’s Point of View

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The benefit of exercise and “self-care” as a boost to recovery from addictions, particularly sexual addictions, is absolutely true. When was the last time you experienced moose, deer or mountain sheep as part of your exercise program? In mountainous Utah, all things are possible!

As I stepped briskly down and rounded the steep, granite covered slope I was startled to see a beautiful mountain goat less than 10 yards away from me. I had my camera in hand and immediately powered it up to grab a rare picture of these elusive animals. He […]

Sexual Addiction: A New Ball Game in the Information Age

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High speed internet browser connection

“Three to six percent of the population is believed to suffer from sexual addiction, but, due to the stigma and people not seeking treatment, this statistic may be an underestimate,” says Ronald Frederick, LP, PhD, a psychologist practicing in Minneapolis and the founder of the Center for Courageous Living.

In other words, according to this estimate, about 200,000 Americans are struggling with sexual addiction.

But CNN reported otherwise. In the CNN article “When Sex Becomes an Addiction” by Elizabeth Landau, it is stated that “millions” […]

Trauma for Partners

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Those on the receiving end of addiction are often left dealing with a sense of betrayal, hurt, and uncertainty. Addiction hits at the core of a woman’s relationship and often at the center of her soul. After learning of a partner’s addiction many women report that the relationship now feels false and empty. The partner of the addict is often left feeling vulnerable and disoriented. She will naturally ask, “Who can I trust? Who will be there for me now?”

The betrayed spouse does not know where to turn and will often […]

Run Towards the Plane!

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Amphibious Assault Ship USS Saipan — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

A client shared the following story with me. While he was serving in the military on an aircraft carrier, his job was to help guide the jets onto the runway during landing by standing in front of the aircraft. Obviously, as the aircraft would be coming into landing, the jet would have to latch onto the cable which would then catch the plane and slow it down rapidly so that it could stop. As the jet is flying through the […]

Starting Things Off Right

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We ran our first outpatient program a few weeks ago and it was very well received. The program goes for 6 days straight.

The participants may leave a little exhausted, but completely committed to a new set of goals and the tools to get there. We see the outpatient program not as the end road, but the beginning to a successful pattern of treatment for those that are stuck, in crisis, or just need a quick jumpstart in their busy schedules to combat a porn or sexual addiction.

We saw a lot of courageous men in the program working hard to heal their hearts […]