How Viewing Pornography Can Harm Your Sex Life

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Sex is all about intimacyIf there’s no intimacy in your relationship, it will begin to show in your sex life. The problem that comes with correcting your sex life is the time that it takes you to respond to the situationSome people are reluctant to make changes in this area of their relationship, so they wait for the problem to correct itself, which it rarely does.

Pornography might not be the main reason why the level of intimacy has declined in your relationshipYou should run through the list of possible issues that could be […]

Top Warning Signs of Pornography Addiction

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Whenever someone engages in an activity that they are ashamed of, they do whatever they can to hide that behavior. As they become more involving in their pornography viewing, they will begin to neglect important things in their life. This tendency towards regression will make everyone else in their life aware of what they’re doing.

Upon becoming aware of your loved one’s habit, you should encourage them to enroll in a pornography addiction program. Their involvement in this kind of program will make them realize there are other things in life besides looking at pornographyAll it takes is […]