How To Rebuild Trust In A Relationship [After Porn Addiction]

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Trust is something that must be earned in a relationship over time. Whether you’re interacting with a spouse, partner, or friend, trust develops over a series of incidences where promises are kept and both people are able to become more vulnerable and open. This type of trust is crucial to building and maintaining a strong relationship. Without it, the foundation of the relationship crumbles, and suspicion, doubt, and hurt can take its place.

Fixing Trust Issues

If you’re looking to fix trust issues in a relationship, especially due to porn addiction, you’ll need to […]

How To Improve Communication Skills In A Relationship [Expert Tips]

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Keeping open and honest communication flowing in your relationships is difficult, especially when one or both parties sometimes feels they have been hurt. Many wonder how they can fix communication in a relationship that has only experienced poor communication for so long. Whether you both have suffered from effects of porn or sex addiction, or just want to improve where your relationship is, maintaining and mending relationships requires deep trust developed through honest and open communication.

As you and your loved ones work together on creating a plan for how to communicate better, you […]

[Quiz] Fifty Shades of Grey: Which Character are You?

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Every relationship has its own unique dynamic. Each person in the relationship brings their own character traits and personal history to the table. Whether or not these two people can form a healthy relationship depends on compatibility, open communication, and willingness to set appropriate boundaries. In the popular novel 50 Shades of Grey, the lack of these elements creates an unhealthy relationship between Christian and Ana.

Take our quiz below to find out which 50 Shades of Grey character best matches your personality. Are you Kate—a compassionate friend who always follows your heart? […]

Should You Find Help for Pornography Addiction?

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There’s a common misconception surrounding addictions. People believe that a person can only become addicted to something that’s bad like alcohol or drugs. In reality, anyone can become addicted to anything they participate in or consume as long as they do it to excess.

Pornography is one of those things that can quickly turn into an addiction. The activity of viewing pornography might seem like harmless titillation. You can participate in the activity away from prying eyes. The private nature of this activity is one of the many reasons it could lead to serious unintended consequences.

Enrolling in a pornography […]