Brain. A human brain of different colour under a transparent mesh cover

Pornography is something that a lot of people would consider innocent. In reality, it’s a dangerous habit that has a way in changing the brain in unimaginable ways. The pornography viewer needs to be aware of the damage it’s inflicting before they can change their lives for the better.

It’s difficult to find many things in life that have such an effect on the brain chemistry of the user outside of becoming involved with recreational drugs. The changes might seem subtle, but they have a way of altering the life of the pornography viewer forever. The logical conclusion is that it’s better to stay away from pornography in all its forms.

The only way the pornography viewer can escape these consequences is to seek enrollment in a intensive outpatient pornography addiction program in the hopes that they will overcome their problems.

Change #1 – Rewiring Mirror Neurons

Every pornography viewer gets something different out of the act of consuming this media. More often than not, their sole purpose for viewing this material is to become sexually aroused.

Viewing pornographic material triggers mirror neurons, which are involved in the process of mimicking of certain behaviors and planning others. After an extended period of viewing these materials, the mirror neuron system initiates arousal and the need to act out through masturbation, thus enslaving the pornography viewer to this destructive obsession.

Being involved in a pornography addiction program could separate the pornography viewer from the activity for long enough that this part of their brain returns to normal. Once they have completed this program, they must continue to stay away from pornography until they are truly recovered.

Change #2 – Altering Brain Chemistry

Having sex increases the level of dopamine that’s present in the brains of everyone who’s participating. Introducing new partners into the mix has a way of diminishing these dopamine increases.

The constantly changing characters in pornography create the illusion in the mind of the pornography viewer that they are involved with new partners every time. Since their dopamine levels skyrocket in this situation, they become less inclined to engage in sexual activity with familiar partners.

An intensive outpatient pornography addiction program will teach the pornography viewer that they can replace their habit of viewing explicit materials with other positive things to produce the same desired effect.

Change #3 – Searching for Satisfaction

The pornography viewer doesn’t stick with the same set of images. They will continue to seek out new ones to get the dopamine fix they received at the start of their involvement with this activity.

Sometimes pornography comes at a significant financial cost for the pornography viewer. Their relentless thirst for new material could lead to dire consequences for their bank account. They will continue to purchase pornography regardless of how much money it costs them.

Before things get too out of hand, the pornography viewer needs to enroll themselves in a pornography addiction program. This program will ease the transition from viewing pornography all the time to doing more productive things in a way that’s palatable to the pornography viewer.